Insurify - Shipping Insurance

Welcome to Georgesteoncrab©. We greatly appreciate your order with our store. We understand that shipping is an important part of the purchasing process for our customers and strive to provide the best shipping service possible which is why we use UPS Next Day Air® on all packages. However, packages get lost, items get damaged, and porch pirates...well, they steal things. Good thing you protected your purchase with Insurify (Shipping Insurance).

What is Insurify? 

Insurify is our shipping insurance which applies to all packages in order to keep your shipments secure from any transit-related problems. Be sure to check off Insurify while placing your order. 

What if I don't want Insurify? 

You can chose to remove it from your order before you pay for it but, with the insurance removed from your package, we won't be held responsible for any inconveneince. However, our talented group of customer service agents will still do their best to help you out in any case. 

What does Insurify covers?

  • Shipment getting lost 
  • Package getting damaged while in transit
  • Package getting stolen  

Should your order encounters of any of the above situations, you're completely covered and your order becomes eligible for a full refund. Please note that we do not offer reshipments at this time. 

George Stone Crab doesn't take any responsibilities for the packages getting delayed by UPS due to storm or other weather issues. We recommend reaching out to our customer service immediately to get a quick resolution at

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